Saturday, November 21, 2009

Artist's rendition of Enceladus.

AstroO on Unmannedspaceflight posted this view that he created. VERY pretty! Even has Cassini passing over on the right side of the frame. Not sure what all the rules are for posting things like this, but if there are any copyright issues with sharing these, let me know.
The amateur image processors do such fantastic work compared with JPL that I'm just so impressed with what they do with the data.
(This is my desktop wallpaper now).


Dave said...


At first, I thought this was a computer generated image. I was thinking, "I should try making one like this."

Then I followed the link to the forum, and I realized it's made from actual photos!

How unreal our actual surroundings seem when we first discover them.

Tom said...

Yeah, that is a very nice rendition! Sure, it's fake in a way, but the image is real (just colorized) and Cassini pasted in.
I watch AstroO's site often since he always does some really amazing stuff with the NASA data.