Thursday, March 24, 2016

Something to remember during election insanity.

Every 4 years we go through this ordeal of electing a new world leader for the US. Not sure if it's social media that makes it even more annoying every time, or humanity is really getting that clueless. I'm not pointing fingers in this. Keeping this posting generic and in the "middle".
Gay/Straight, black/white/red/brown, employed/unemployed, rich/poor, ugly/handsome, Bernie/Hillary/Trump/Cruz, healthy/sick, fat/anorexic, smart/stupid, hairy/bald, religious/atheist, terrorist/victim, literate/illiterate, NRA/no guns, tall/short, Democrat/Republican/Communist, old/ get the point.
I've posted this before, but with another terrorist attack and other current events, just take a few minutes, clear your mind, turn up the volume and watch this.
Carl Sagan was so right -- but people always seem to forget.