Sunday, May 1, 2016

Jupiter season is here!

Been a while once again since I posted new images, but finally got some clear skies again.  Jupiter is well past opposition, and slowly getting smaller.  Not enough yet to give a bad view though.
I also finally figured out how to use BackyardEOS and the "new" Canon 60Da for planetary imaging.  I finally ditched the $20 Ebay webcam method - at least for planetary images.
Also processing a different way now to which is easier and seems to have better results.  Run the .AVI file through Astrostakkert first to evaluate and stack the images.  Then load into Registax and use the Wavelets feature to adjust the detail and sharpness of the image.  In the past I was using Registax for everything, and the evaluation/stacking is just a bit more complicated on that software that I never quite mastered it well.  When I though I did, the next version would come out and complicate things more!
Jupiter with Io shadow (just before seeing went to crap)

Nice view of the GRS