Saturday, November 29, 2008

The sky is falling on Canada, eh?

There was a lot of well deserved hype about a week ago when a meteor fell on Canada. This monster was predicted to be about 10 tons and the size of a desk. Not sure if that was one of those wimpy Ikea desks make of fake wood or a hefty 1950s metal monsters with the floppy chair that dumps you off the left side.
It was hoped that this thing left some chunks on the ground since it was so big, and sure enough, they did find some small pieces in a pond.
| Photos from Universe Today of the meteorite |

Here is the video of the falling "space desk" from a dashboard camera.

I'm never up early enough, out at the right time, or looking the wrong way when these happen. There was one a while back that was reported and I was outside at the time in the backyard observatory, but I think I was staring at the computer screen and missed it all. I did get lucky recnetly when I was walking home from the bus after work. I saw one go across the whole sky and broke up over Tacoma (or at least in that direction). It was reported on the news. My comments are under 'Tom_renton' at the end of the article.

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