Monday, July 12, 2010


Got a clear night without a moon last Friday night for a change.   Quite a change from our 4th of July holiday weekend a week ago.  It was one of those rare nights when the Clear Sky chart is dark all the way across the night part.  
I had a chance to try a couple of objects in the Sagittarius area of the south skies.  The neighbor hedges and tree had been shortened, so I have a little more time there before objects sneak behind bushes.
 Tried using ISO 1600 this time, usually I'm at ISO 800 since I always figured I would get too much grainy stuff, but stacking seems to deal with that fine.

M20 at 3 minutes x 8 exposures: 
 M16 Eagle nebula 5 exposures at 4 minutes each:
 (Click the images to see a larger version of them)

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