Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A sham shuttle for Seattle?

As most of us who keep track of space news know already, there is a fierce competition between the best aviation and space museums in the country these days to qualify (and afford) a space shuttle once they retire next year.  NASA should have made a decision this last July, but it's now August and as expected there has been a delay in saying who gets what shuttle.  The shuttle won't retire this year, and Atlantis could very possibly get one more chance to spread her wings before retiring to the yet unmentioned location.
So, the news on CollectSpace.com comes out with this little blurb about Seattle getting a full size wingless training mockup of a shuttle.  This isn't even Enterprise, but rather a big toy!  Is this what the Muesuem of Flight had a big groundbreaking for a new building to house a shuttle for - a big model?!  Is it worth it?  What happened?  Are we getting this thing as a bonus since we have the finest museum on the West coast, and still in the running for a real shuttle? 
My friend Dave came up with his own prediction of what he thinks might happen:
My prediction (2010-08-03):
Discovery: Smithsonian Uvdar Hazy building (already determined)
Endeavour: Johnson Space Center (Next to the new Saturn V building)
Atlantis: Kennedy Space Center (Close to the ocean, where a ship called "Atlantis" should be.)
Enterprise: A toss up ... Huntsville US Space & Rocket Center /or/ Dryden Test Facility (displayed on the 747 loader stand)
(leaning toward Dryden, since it's close to Edwards where Enterprise was used for the approach/landing tests)
--Dave the "Psychic Shuttle Location Predictor"
So if Dave's predictions do come true, maybe we should feel privileged if we are the only non-NASA facility to even get something at all?  Comments anyone?


Anonymous said...

I hope we get a real space shuttle. I won't pay money to see a toy or scraps of a space shuttle. Also, if we do get one, I hope they let us walk through one, not just let us look at it behind ropes. That would be a nice experiance after seeing two go down in my life time.

Tom said...

I really doubt they would let anyone inside it. I'd like to see it displayed with the cargo doors open too. But we'll just see what happens. I hope Seattle gets one, our chances are pretty good. I think we might possibly know in April.
I'm with you, I don't want parts - or even Enterprise - that was just a test glider!