Monday, December 6, 2010

100 years of licensed women pilots.

Not astronomy related this time, but just something I did last weekend that was pretty darn cool.  2010 is the 100th anniversary of the first woman to get a pilot's license.  The local airport just down the hill from my house was trying to become the "most woman friendly airport" and the goal was to fly 154 women and girls.
I volunteered to fly and give rides.  We had about 6 planes on wheels, 2 on floats and a helicopter giving rides.  I took up about 33 people on 11, 15 minute flights about 7 miles out and back.  Former 5 time space shuttle astronaut Dr. Bonnie Dunbar even stopped by with some Museum of Flight goodies (There. I maintained the space theme of my blog!) .
Karlene Petitt, a Delta Airlines Airbus 330 pilot, organized the event and it all worked out very well other than a little confusion now and then which way we should taxi our planes back into the parking area to swap passengers! 
I took a few friends from work up on rides, and did get a ride in the helicopter at the end of the day. Good fun, good weather, and good exposure for general aviation.
THAT is an excited girl exiting my plane!

Rainier came out at sunset for an appearance.

All seats filled and heading toward the runway


Erika said...

Bravo a hundred times over!

Tom said...

100 times over, and an additional 71 times. We need to do this every year, go for 200 next time!