Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rainy night reprocessing old data.

Just for fun, I opened one of my images from last summer of M27 dumbell nebula to play with.  This is just another very quick processing job, but I tried some of the methods that I learned from Adam Block on my trip to Arizona last month.
This does need some more work (I say that about all my images if you haven't figured that out by now), the star color is kind of strange, sky is a weird gross  color, and there is an ugly gradient on the right side...this was just a fast processing though.
Anyway, I tried working on a grayscale image where I did the cleaning, smoothing, sharpening, and all that usual adjustments.  I then combined it with the RBG color frame and used the gray image as a luminance.  Wow!  More little detail shows up, and I didn't totally destroy it when screwing with the colors.
See the before and after images.  These are both the same data taken on the same night.

My original processing
Processing with my new bag 'o tricks

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