Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Seattle seasons. Are there really 4 of them?

Another cartoon today.  This is another one of my favorite local cartoonists that really knows how we feel here.  I like how the guy (possibly a Seattle astronomer?) is clutching his coffee cup with caffeine smeared across his face.  Perfect.


Dave said...

Hey, it's really not *that* monotonous here in Seattle. Take today's variety, for instance. It SNOWED! On April 6th.

Er ... on second thought ... K-K--K-Kill me.

Tom said...

I wonder if coffee has some kind of Vitamin D type of stimulant? Maybe that is why it makes us feel better in Seattle?
Yeah, if raisin sized hail, thunder, dumping rain, snow, and gusty winds that never stop count, then we do have some variety - at least for a day. Then back to....
K-k--k-ill kill me.