Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another exploding star!

Neighbor galaxy M101 decided to show off this time since M51 blew off a couple stars in the last few years.  Ok, they aren't really neighbors, but they are both in the Big Dipper handle.  Caught an image of the new supernova last week.
It's a doozy!  I haven't tried, but I've heard it can be seen with small telescopes also these days.  Probably reached it's peak and starting to fade, but I caught it at least.  It's also the nearest supernova to Earth in the last 30 years.  Just a nearby 21 million light years away.   But don't worry, still too far away to extinquish us with a gamma ray burst!

The techie stuff:
  • Camera: Canon 350D Modified
  • Scope: Meade 12" LX200 at f/6.3
  • Guider: Orion 80ED with Starshoot camera and PHD Guider
  • Exposures: 5 x 7 minutes at ISO800

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