Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hi, I'm Tom...and I'm a telescope hoarder.

Usually when going to Goodwill, there is often some piece of garbage refractor "Trashco" or similar there for sale.  Often missing something critical like a focuser or even the objective lens.  These things should be put directly in the dumpster rather than on the floor to sell.
Someone will buy it for their kid and wonder why they can't even see the moon through it, or even keep it pointed if there is a view that can be seen.
I was at Goodwill the other day looking for some socks, or something useful.   No, not used socks, but some nicely priced 6 pack or similar.  I walked past the furniture and this caught my eye.  $39 for an 8 inch home-made Dobsonian telescope!  I looked it over and it appeared to be nicely constructed, focuser was nothing fancy, and collimation wasn't too bad, but needed some tweaks. The mirror looked filthy, but it looked ok.  I drove home with it hanging out the back of my Toyota and put it in our hangar and check it out.
A total of 25.5 inches of aperture simultaneously sucking
The mirror was filthy, so I cleaned it up the best I could.  It could use a re-coating for sure, but it was usable.  We had some clear cold nights (rare when a telescope is brought home!).  I checked out the Double Cluster, M-1, Alberio and M42.  All views looks quite decent despite clear but poor seeing that night.  I compared with the 17.5 and clarity was similar but not as bright obviously.
I'm pleased with the find, and this is actually portable too!
Easy collimating screws.

Before - gunky and dusty. 

After - much better!

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