Sunday, December 21, 2008

First flight of White Knight Two

The next generation of Rutan's Scaled Composites aircraft made it's first flight. This is the "booster" or carrier aircraft for the SpaceShipTwo which will carry passengers - rich passsngers - to space and back. I'm always amazed how fast Burt Rutan can come up with these intersting designs and get them flying. Now if I can find enough spare change around, I'll start saving for my ride!


pitts2a said...

Burt Rutan is the aero engineer, Dick Rutan, Burts older brother is the pilot of the voyager, the first nonstop circumnavigation of the globe in a piston powered aircraft. However, they are both quite amazing.

Tom said...

Whoops! Good catch. I got my names backwards.
I saw Mike Melvill's lecture at the Museum of Flight when he was here. One of the best lectures I've seen there. Summer before last, I went to an autograph show, banquet and shuttle launch (STS-117). I sat with Brian Binnie and his wife at my table. Nice people and a lot of fun to talk with. That weekend was one of the best weekends ever!
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