Sunday, December 7, 2008

Problems and possible fixes - the lurching scope.

The other night I tried using our telescope and found that it has an annoying 'lurch' when tracking. The motor sounds funny, makes a scary noise when slewing to the right, and even worse when slewing left. I figured it was a need for lubrication in the gears since with our crappy skies over the last months (or maybe I should say 1.5 years now!!) the scope hasn't been used as much as normal. I posted a message and a video on the LX200 YahooGroup, and came back to find a bunch of responses the next day. Seems that this is a very common problem with this telescope and not too hard to fix.

I'll have to plug in the heater out there, drag out my tools and oscilloscope and get busy. No rush, no clear skies in the forecast until July 5th.

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