Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent calendar December 2: Saturn

Other blogs are doing an advent calendar thing for the days before Christmas. Big Picture is doing a good one with a daily Hubble shot. Seemed like a fun idea, so I'm starting a day late with mine. More fun than Christmas shopping too.
So here is my first image for the day leading to Christmas. An old crusty view of Saturn from Pioneer 11 in 1979 from a distance of about 2.8 million miles. Ha!
This was from a spacecraft that flew past the planet, but I can take better images from my backyard through light pollution, a gunky atmosphere, and approximately 800,000 million miles.


Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, the old golden photo of Saturn is absolutely charming. Thanks for that!

Tom said...

Yeah, gotta give them credit for flinging a spacecraft out there and getting close enough for a photo. They didn't have home computers, Images Plus, Photoshop, and all those nifty tools we have for our backyard observatories now. :-)