Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One hazy night.

Last Friday night the clouds cleared enough for a peek.  It seems that we just never get all three good things at once much anymore.  Seeing, transparency and totally clear. 
Skies were nearly rock solid again the other night, the view of Saturn through the eyepiece was very sharp, but there was enough haze in the sky to lose a lot of sharpness in the image once I put a camera on the scope.  Transparency was lacking again with high haze in the sky.  Clear?  For the most part it was, but just not clear clear - if that is a term for totally nothing?

Below is M104 the Sombrero galaxy.  I haven't done much with this one since it's somewhat low in the sky and I guess the clear skies and good altitude for this one don't often line up.  This was just a quick peek at it using only 3 five minute exposures.  Tracking problems, since the stars are a little elongated. 

Familiar view of M51.  I'm going to suck this one dry of photons someday since it's one of my favorites and I'm always trying to get a good set of images of this one.  This was 6 five minute exposures.   Complaints about this one?  Focus could be a little tighter.  I'm never satisfied!   (click images to see full size)

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