Saturday, November 27, 2010

Amazing view of Phobos above Mars.

The ESA Mars Express orbiter has sent home another amazing shot, this time of the little moon Phobos above Mars.   ESA always seems so modest about their images, they have such great stuff, but we never really hear about them since they don't brag about them much!
I almost expect to see the Millenium Falcon in this nearly sci-fi (but real!) image.


Anonymous said...
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Dave said...

I noticed that the limb of Mars in the background of the image looked uneven. I was ready to convince myself that it was evidence of some kind of atmospheric distortion, or thickness variations in the atmosphere, or even mountains.

Then, on the Planetary Society link, I found a link that has excellent explanations of the distortion.

Funny how you can come up with seemingly reasonable explanations for phenomena that turn out not to be real.

Emily's quote proves true:
"This is a fascinating story showing how necessary it sometimes is to have a deep understanding of an instrument in order to understand the data that comes from it."