Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Arctic Astronomy - Jupiter.

Arctic blast and the city crippling 2.5 inches of snow that causes Seattle to freak out has hit us this week.   I feel that I ducked La Nina's punch since my commute wasn't too bad the other day when the snow was falling, took me 1.5 hours on the bus and a 2.5 mile walk home.   Some coworkers were on their bus for over 5 hours.  Ha!  You didn't get me yet La Nina!
Clear skies last night and a miserable 18 degrees out when I got home.   I saw Jupiter in the sky tormenting me to play in the backyard.  A quick check on what was going on, and saw that there was an Io transit in progress, so I bundled up in my fuzzy pants, snowsuit and a few other layers of jackets and went out back to play for a while.
Details of the image:
Scope: Meade 12" LX200
Camera: Philips SPC900NC (Fancy name for a $40 Ebay webcam!)
Barlow:  Apo 2.5x
Stacks: about 250 of the best frames using Registax 5.1

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