Tuesday, March 1, 2011

STS-133 launch videos.

I didn't take any video myself of the launch, but usually just wait a few days and some really great stuff shows up.  Here are a couple good ones that I've come across.
Here is the full 8 minutes of the launch seen from pilot Eric Boe's seat.  This looks out the front windshield over the nose of the shuttle with the tank below it.  Look how fast the sky gets dark!

If you follow the shuttle blog sites news, and other things shuttle related, this video isn't new to you, but it's a different view for sure.

There was an announcement today that the Russians won't fly the Soyuz around the station for the best photo ever of it with all spacecraft docked.  You would think those cosmonauts would like to log a little hands-on Soyuz "stick time" in their flight log, but they are just stuck with their approach and landing.   We'll just have to settle with ground based images.  Bummer.  That would have been an awesome view!
Thierry Legault is again the master of ground-based shuttle/ISS photography.  This is Discovery and the ISS before docking.  Click here to see a video he took from his telescope.  Seattle skies haven't been friendly for me here to try some shots of the ISS and Discovery.  This is my last chance to see Discovery fly over my house, so maybe I'll get lucky?

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