Monday, May 23, 2011

The sound of power.

If you are like me, you can appreciate the sound of certain machinery doing what they do best.  The deep rumble of a B-17 at full power, the snarl of a 12 cylinder Ferrari accelerating on the on-ramp, or the crackling thunder of a shuttle launch.   These fine sounding machines are hard to really capture the sound to do it any justice.  The shuttle is so loud that most microphones will get over-loaded and clip the sound where we really want to hear it.
I came across a fine recording and video of the STS-133 launch that is probably the closest thing I have heard yet of the true sound of the power of the shuttle.   As for video or photos, I still have yet to see anything that looks like the sun-like brightness of the SRB exhaust.  The screaming of the crowd in this video is all a part of the launch experience too!
Plug in your headset, turn up the volume and enjoy!

| Shuttle video from Universe Today |

...and if you liked that, here is another good one.

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