Monday, May 23, 2011

Ultimate ISS photo - coming soon

UPDATE 5/25:   STILL waiting for the photos. Seems they left the memory cards in the Soyuz spacecraft and it's going to Moscow tomorrow.
The contents of the Soyuz craft, including the precious cards, "will be processed through normal disposition procedures" at the Energia rocket company's spacecraft fabrication facility on the northern outskirts of Moscow, Navias told Oberg. NASA expects to get access to the pictures in about a week. 
A week?!  Energia is torturing space geeks worldwide!

The Russians approved the departing Soyuz spacecraft to do a fly-around of the station after departing with the outgoing crew.  This has been the goal for a while, but the Russians were too afraid of taking any chances with a brief fly-around and re-docking.  But with this crew on the way home anyway, they did it.
Tomorrow the photo of the completed station should be out, showing all the spacecraft, including the shuttle Endeavour, docked at the station.
For now, we have a peek from the on-board camera from the Soyuz.  My friend Dave put together this little animation of the fly-by made from video stills of the TV images.  More to come....

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