Sunday, September 21, 2014

Building the roof.

Supporting the dome flange (Traci taking a picture of
me taking a picture).
The roof is coming along.     We first put up some cross piece boards and then the square that will support the flange for the dome.  After a lot of tapping, nudging, some cussing, more nudging and measuring then finally a few nails to hold it.  
Putting in the rafters was an extreme pain.  At this time, it kind of looks like a mini-McDonalds with a drive through window, but that will change as work progresses.  The rafters were fairly symmetrical between the north/south and east/west sides.  The walls are 10 feet, and 9 foot 9 inches, so there is some differences.

Don't even think of asking for fries and a Big Mac.

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