Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Walls getting covered....

Tonight after work I was able to install most of the wall panels.  I still have some large gaps to cover, then a a 6 inch or so strip along the top of all the walls.  I should have that done early this weekend I hope. Then the fun of designing the roof starts.  
I have a few ideas for the roof, but will get to that soon enough.   I really hate this time of year when the days get shorter, every night I have less time to work until I need to turn on lights.  Weather here has still been like summer, and expecting some low 80s again this next weekend.

Daylight fading while walls go up.  The covering in the middle is over
the pier hole, it would suck if I fell down in there.  
Construction supervisor Alex on duty.
Almost done with the outer walls. 

When it gets darker, just attach a light and keep hammering nails. 

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