Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just another one of those things I never see.

Every now and then (rarely!) I'm looking the right direction and see one of these, but it's rare to see one that looks like this. I did see a similar meteor last winter, and did read about it in the news the next day.
Most of the time I'll miss it. There was one about a year ago that was really bright, and I was outside in the observatory staring at the screen focusing the scope. Another time I heard those nearby saying "oooh!", but I was looking at my feet or something.
Anyway, how often does a nice fireball happen when you have a camera - and can use it quickly enough to get shots like this? Robert Mikaelyan was lucky and had a camera ready and got these shots. I think he is a professional photographer from the look of his photo site, so he was probably all set with his camera and could use it quickly.

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