Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Testing new camera and seeking Cebeus crater.

I got my new camera this weekend and the telescope adapter arrived today in the mail. Had to test it out on the moon since this will be the target of the LCROSS spacecraft Friday morning. The camera seems to work well and puts out a nice image. I think my old Vesta Pro was losing color for some annoying reason. Whatever I did, my Jupiter/Saturn images came out kind of gray scale.
I had to remove/reinstall the software a few times since it would work fine for a while, then Windows decided to forget about the camera and just ignore it. I then had to remove and re-install the driver software to get it to wake up again. Really annoying.
I'll have to test it out few more times this week to learn how to use it for the LCROSS moon smacking early Friday!
The arrow in the image I took is pretty much where the impact will happen. The moon should be directly south about 60 degrees up, so it's above the thick atmospheric gunk, and out of the neighbor's bushes.

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