Friday, October 23, 2009

NASA for your pocket.

NASA just released a really nice little iPhone/iPod touch application today. It's kind of a mini, pocket version of the NASA web page. There is a countdown/count-up feature on the front page showing how many days/minutes/seconds until then next launch. Then it also shows how many days since a certain mission started. The ISS has been in orbit 3,990 days I just learned today after installing the app.
Also has photos, videos, news, and of course "Twitters" if you are really into that stuff. I draw the line at Twittering personally. Just too much information I don't need to be more of a twit than I already am normally!
Best of all, it's free too. Or I guess we already paid with our taxes - what little NASA does get from the budget.
Always good to see NASA working on stirring up more public interest in this. Good job!

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