Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amazing Enceladus image from flyby

WOW! We have been wondering about those plumes from Enceladus for a long time now. Cassini has made a few flybys also, but never got a good image of the plumes from the source.
Yesterday the spacecraft buzzed the moon at 997 miles over the surface doing over 17,000+ mph. This was the last chance for a close view of the spew for several years since the moon is going into "winter" and darkness on that southern pole. I'd say this last chance view really worked out exceptionally fine.
Awesome view of the plumes spewing from the cracks in the surface, and the part on the dark side with the plumes...uh..uh...uh....speechless!
Click the image on the right, and cross your eyes for the 3d view. | Some more info on Emily's site |
| Ciclops imaging site |

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