Wednesday, November 4, 2009

...and now more views of Apollo 12 site.

Just the other day, we saw the closeup view of the Apollo 17 site. Now here is another view of the Apollo 12 landing site. Complete with footprints, nice view of the descent stage clearly showing the 4 footpads, and gear left behind. Very cool!
Amazing to see these again almost 40 years later and realize that NOTHING has moved up there, and it's just the same as when they left. Of course I'm sure the flag has faded, and disintegrated in the sun, and the gold mylar on the spacecraft has probably turned into something else too. But remember, there is no wind, rain or other forces (well, maybe a bit of dust from a nearby meteor impact maybe) that will ever wipe away those footprints. They will always be there. Oooh spooky thoughts!
There is a lot more hardware up there that will probably be seen again. I'm kind of excited to see the Russian Lunokhod rovers. They should be fairly easy to spot, just like the Mars rovers, there is a lander, then follow the trail to the rover.

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