Thursday, November 26, 2009

The best of STS-129 launch.

Very cool video just came out from NASA. We have all seen the booster cams, tank cameras, and parachute views. This video takes the best parts of those videos and puts them all together, edited nicely so the slow parts are minimized - jumps straight to the action that we like to see.
There are views I've never seen too, including a view out the pilot's window showing the view of the ET during launch, and the covers blowing off the RCS rockets on the nose. Good job to NASA on this 10 minute video, keep it up and maybe the public will gain some more interest!
For best view, click the video to go direct to YouTube, turn up the volume, and watch the HD version.
Another source for the video. It went off Youtube, then back on again. This should be a good alternate.

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