Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lego Space Shutte - ages 16 +

You never get too old for Lego.  There is a time in your life when you are over 16 years old and you are then called "+" (plus!).  That is your excuse to not stop buying this fine toy just because you are an "adult".
I just saw my next Lego kit for my collection that I'll get this summer.  Lego is coming out with another space shuttle kit just in time for the retirement of the space shuttle.   A lot of times kits like this the proportions just don't look quite right, but it looks like they designed this one pretty well. Sure, the scale of the astronauts is a little off and there is just a little room for them in the cockpit, but they do fit in there!
That was one of my gripes when I was a kid.  I would get a Lego kit with figures and vehicles, but the crew was just decorative rather than fully functional and have a place to sit in the car, truck, airplane....etc.

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