Thursday, May 20, 2010

My pants fall down if I don't wear a belt.

Anthony Wesley who is the same Australian astronomer who discovered the impact on Jupiter a while back.  He recently photographed Jupiter and found that it's missing it's lower cloud belt.  This is the belt that goes around the Great Red Spot (maybe that's Jupiter's belt buckle?).  With Jupiter's waistline, I think he (I always thought of Jupiter as a "he" for some reason) is probably holding his pants up with one hand.  Not sure if the planet is following the strange fad of those boys in downtown Seattle with the low pants, but I never understand the attraction of that style.

It does happen now and then, when the Pioneer 10 spacecraft passed it in 1973, it was also beltless as seen in this photo.  Interesting to compare Wesley's photo with the Pioneer's his is much better!

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