Monday, May 31, 2010

Seattle needs a shuttle

We have the best museum here in the west coast for a retired space shuttle don't we?  The Museum of Flight is taking an on-line petition to collect names in support of getting a shuttle to Seattle.  Easy to do and less annoying than those people on 3rd Avenue with clip boards attacking you with a friendly handshake while you are running to the bus after work. Grr.....I hate that, if you work in Seattle, you know these people.
I wonder if McMinville has dropped out of the museum competition since they are now building a 747 water-slide?  Their runway is short, and BFI has 10,000 feet next to the museum.  I think chances are pretty good, and hopefully Dr. Bonnie Dunbar can get us one.  Asking Dr. Dunbar once about getting a shuttle she said to just keep visiting the museum, bring friends, family and keep the number or visitors growing.  More visitors better chance of getting a shuttle.
I was playing with Photoshop and put together an image that I hope will become a reality in a year or so when NASA delivers the treasures.  I'll skip work that day for sure and camp out near the runway to see the shuttle come here.
(click image to admire my artwork in full size)

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