Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look closely and you might see the 1201 alarm on the DSKY!

People that scratch-build models are totally insane if you ask me.  I have enough trouble just keeping my glued covered fingerprints off the clear plastic windows of models that I build.  You can always seem the seam where the two fuselage halves were glued together, and if you really want to see a sticky disaster that looks like I was a loser in a paintball fight, watch me try to use an airbrush!
...and this is just with pre-formed plastic Monogram or Revell models where most of the shaping and work is done for me.  No way could I ever start from scratch and make something that didn't look like a toilet paper tube with a cone on top of it and call it a "rocket".
The Columbia shuttle on the right is one of my best.  It hangs above my head in the dining room.
So when I say scratch-builders are insane, that is a compliment of the highest admiration for their skills, steady hands and patience.
So take a look at this amazing example of a very fine model by Vincent Meens.  This is a 1/24 scale LM ascent stage. This is just the cockpit, so be sure to look at the link with more details of this one.  Amazing work!

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