Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer skies - sort of...

Seattle spring continues with a month that some are calling "Juneuary" since we are now at about 260+ days since our last 75 degree day sometime last fall.  We are stuck in a cloudy cool pattern that just won't let go.  Summer officially starts this weekend, but in Seattle we know that the summer weather won't start until at least July 5 - if it does start.
Astronomy is pretty much put on hold until further notice since the skies are still missing.  When we do get a hazy clearing, it's time to run out and peek at our late spring objects in the sky.  Here is a shot of the M57 Ring Nebula from last weekend.  It's 15 exposures at ISO 1600. Taken with the Meade 12" LX200 at f/10 and modified Canon 350D.
One of my astronomer friends showed me some of his processing tricks last night, so I gave it a try on my image and was able to tighten my stars up a little more.  (Click for full size)

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