Thursday, June 24, 2010

Total geek's fantasy airshow.

Thanks to Phil on Bad Astromomy blog for posting this link.  I think a lot of blog sites seem to steal things from each other, but this is so cool I just had to add this to my blog also!  Anyway, if you grew up watching Space: 1999 on TV every Monday night at 8pm like me, you'll have fun with this site.
I like how they have the pilot of the spacecraft there also, just like at real airshows.  Kids always swarm around the unknown pilots asking for autographs thinking these guys are someone famous.  This was just some Air Force guy that got the lucky job of flying his A-10 to Abbotsford to stand next to his plane all weekend in the hot sun sweating in his flight suit.
Although, if Starbuck was standing there with her Viper or Alan Carter with Eagle,  I'd be tempted to push my way through the pale, chubby, basement sci-fi groupies!

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