Friday, August 29, 2014

Conduit installed and buried.

Power out of the house
The ground here at Crest is horribly hard and rocky, I'm sure I mentioned that.   Finally, got a trench down to an average of 12 inches.  Possibly not totally code, but we are using conduit as well as a GFI protected outlet on the end so nothing will blow up for sure.
Covered with gravel
I took a bunch of the "rock garden" area and dumped that into the trench to hold the conduit and also act as kind of a warning if ever dug there in the future.   That PVC glue stuff is nasty, stinky gunk, turn your head into the wind to breathe when using this that MEK stuff goes after brain cells!
Two conduits were run.  Electric and another for internet cable.  I'll probably go with wireless the first year, then next spring work on running a cable.  It's just a huge pain to find a connection from the network cabinet to the crawlspace and I want to get this done.
I ran the power to the kitchen outlet circuit (non appliance outlets), down the crawlspace and out the side of the house to a box that will soon have a GFI outlet.
Finally - filling the trench!

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