Saturday, August 30, 2014

One of four walls has been framed.

Cruddy weather here today, so we didn't go up to the airshow at Everett today.  We took a trip to Home Depot and loaded up the Toyota with wood and some bags of cement - they have 60lb bags for sale this weekend for $1.99 - we'll go back for more, but didn't want to overload my little car too badly.
This will be the east wall of the observatory which will face one of the neighbors who has a bright light occasionally turned on.   We plan on installing a window on the West side which is the darkest side of the yard, just to have some daylight in there during the day.
The first wall is framed and we'll start on the next one tomorrow - weather permitting if we don't do the airshow - which is sure looking like it won't happen this year.   :-(

Lining up the studs.
A chair is so much better on the knees on a cement floor. 
First wall is framed!  Three more to build.

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