Friday, August 29, 2014

Foundation - finally!

Truck and guys filling the form. 
This last week we had some contractors come in and do a bunch of concrete work in the backyard. We extended the patio, the ramp in front of the hangar to get rid of a gravel area between the grass and concrete, and had the pad for the observatory made.
The pad is 5 inches thick and I left a 30 x 30 inch square hole around where the pier is going to be mounted.  The idea now is to make a rebar cage down in the hole, pour some cement down there (make this ourselves) then drill 4 holes for the bolts later.  Plans may change, but that seems to be the idea that could work well, I just want to make sure the holes are good and deep for some fairly long bolts.
I finally feel something will happen now. 
I had the PVC come up through the cement as seen in the photo.  This will lead inside the wall of the observatory and to a few outlets later.
The bolts around the edges are 8 inch L-bolts that the walls will attach to.  Hopefully this weekend we'll start fabricating some walls.  Possibly on the floor of the hangar if the predicted showers happen.

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