Thursday, February 19, 2009

Harness a Horsey.

A quick peek at the very hard to photograph horsehead nebula in Orion. This beast is a tough one to image especially from my location in light polluted Renton. Again I cheated a little bit and sucked down the Hydrogen (red) wavelength with my expensive little H-alpha filter. Then tossed out the "R" of the RGB visible image and used the H-alpha for the red instead.
Skies were not good the Horsey was wandering over toward the west and squatting over the lights of the city making it a miserable place to image. By that time I switched over to Hydrogen and cut through the light pollution. That filter really does do magic!
Can't help a hazy sky though, so focus left something to be desired, and as always I never get as many frames as I would like, recycled some old flat/dark frames that I had and overall wasn't extremely pleased with the outcome. I guess it looks ok in the smaller size, but the full size image just looks pretty nasty. I might just be getting too critical of my work too....

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