Sunday, February 15, 2009

Possibly one less chunk of satellite collision wreckage to worry about?

This is a video from CNN of daytime coverage of a marathon in Austin Texas, but that's boring just looking at a bunch of running people. Check out what is in the background blue sky!
It could be part of one of the satellites that collided last week, or it could just be another random hunk of junk falling from they sky. I'll post anything else interesting when I see it.

There were no reports of ground strikes or interference with aircraft in flight, FAA spokesman Roland Herwig said.
Herwig told CNN the FAA received no reports from pilots in the air of any sightings but the agency recieved "numerous" calls from people on the ground from Dallas, Texas, south to Austin, Texas.
Video shot by a photographer from News 8 TV in Austin showed what appeared to be a meteor-like white fireball blazing across a clear blue sky Sunday morning. The photographer caught the incident while covering a marathon in Austin.
On Saturday, the FAA told pilots through its routine notification system that "a potential hazard may occur due to re-entry of satellite debris into the earth's atmosphere." The notice did not specify a time or location

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