Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update on station damage - none!

Seems that the station didn't do a "Galloping Gertie" oscillation after all and damage itself.

NASA update:
The ISS Mission Management Team determined Tuesday that the station was not structurally damaged by the oscillations that were experienced during a Jan. 14 reboost. A reboost that had been scheduled Wednesday will not be performed while Russian flight controllers review procedures and techniques.

Undocking of the ISS Progress 31 cargo craft is scheduled for Thursday, and the launch and docking of Progress 32 remains on track for next week. Future reboosts will be timed with other planned activities to maximize rendezvous options for the various spacecraft scheduled to visit the station.

On-orbit Status:
ISS Reboost Update: The IMMT (ISS Mission Management Team) agreed this morning to a Russian proposal to postpone the reboosts that were planned for tomorrow (2/4) and Saturday (2/7). Additional reboost may not be necessary if the Soyuz launch is delayed by one day (landing would be delayed by 2 days & Soyuz docked operations increased by 1 day). May need a reboost in the March timeframe. In the meantime, SM jets (not ME engines) will be used in the case of a DAM (Debris Avoidance Maneuver) if necessary.

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