Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ring of Fire is busy.

Friday morning at 5:25 am there was a 4.5 earthquake here in the Puget Sound area. I felt nothing since I was asleep. It would take at least a magnitude 6 to wake me up...and a few things falling on me.
It seems that a lot of people did feel it, those unfortunate enough to have to get up really early for work, or light sleepers. I've felt a 5.5 and couldn't miss the 6.8 from 2001 - the old 1910 vintage building I was in downtown was bouncing up and down, and computers fall off my desk and moved across the floor.
Also, up in Alaska the Mt. Redoubt volcano is expected to blow any day now. There could be some colorful sunsets if that does its thing. When it does go, I hope I can get a good image of the ash cloud from my basement satellite station. Just keep watching the news and webcams.

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