Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More volcanic stuff seen from above.

I'm on an RSS feed from NASA's Earth Observatory Site which has new images of the Earth from space every day. There is always some volcano blowing up someplace leaving a mess around it.
There is a section of images from Mt. Redoubt that are pretty amazing. They are taken from directly above the volcano with fancier stuff than I have access to.
I think this is one of my favorites so far (right).
Just look at that big, black, nasty cloud of ash headed directly toward Homer.
Here is the results of the volcano downstream from the mountain. The oil terminal looks like it took a pretty good hit from the lahar. This is the reason that if you live in Orting, Enumclaw, maybe the lower parts of Puyallup or even the Kent valley, you better be aware that you are living on top of an old lahar from Rainier!
Renton Highlands might not be the fanciest place to live, but I'm on a hill, out of the lahar zone - and I have a great view of he volcano if/when it explodes. Grab the camera, lawn chair and binoculars and head up the street to the school field!

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