Monday, April 13, 2009

"Star Vistas" new astronomy photo book.

I was going nuts at work today, and had to get outside for some air. I did one of my favorite "get some air" walks and went over to Barnes & Noble to look around a bit. I came across a book called "Star Vistas" that looked great. The book is by Noel Carboni and Greg Parker. I'm familiar with Noel since I bought is Photoshop Astro Tools plugin a while back and use it all the time for processing my images.
Forewards written by Sir Arthur C Clarke, Sir Patrick Moore and Dr. Brian May. You gotta admit that Dr. Brian May is quite an amazing guy, he was the guitar player for Queen for 30 years then finally went back and finished his doctorate in Astrophysics.
The book looked so good that I went back and found a copy for $30 after shipping from an on-line dealer ($39 at the store - I'm cheap, I avoid tax and save what I can online!)
Look for a review later once I get the book and have a chance to read through it.

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