Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturn V to fly on Saturday April 25.

Not the real thing, but probably the largest model rocket to ever fly. This beast was built by Steve Eves starting in May 2007. The rocket is 36 feet long (the real thing is 363 feet, so it's a perfect 1:10 scale) and weighs about 1,600 lbs. It will be powered by a cluster of 9 engines which will put out 8,000 lbs of thrust and cost $13,000 alone. A center P size surrounded b 8 N motors for a total weight of 210 lbs for the propellant alone.
We are all familiar with the Estes model engines - A through D engines, so imagine what a P engine is.
The rocket will do one of three things at noon on Saturday. Blow up, break up into many pieces or just fly perfectly. Any of those results would be pretty exciting I think. Imagine the noise this would make too. I'm sure this will be on the evening news and all over the internet. Good luck to Steve on the launch!

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