Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fist image of Saturn of the season.

The Saturn viewing season is here again.  The planet will be at opposition and up at sunset to sunrise all night long on March 21st.  Opposition is the date when a planet is in direct line (and opposite) of the sun from Earth - just a bit of trivia!
Skies last night were really nasty.  Haze, filth, light pollution, and just plain old gunk.  Wasn't going to do anything, but then looked up and saw that things were very solid an not twinkling at all.  Can't pass up a stable sky, so I opened the roof and took a few images of Saturn.  Nothing too fancy, but Cassini Division can just barely be seen.  I know the image could have been better without the sky crud.  Picky, picky, picky as usual!
Image is taken with the 12" at f/20 (2x barlow) and the Ebay webcam.  Stacked about 250 frames. (Click image to see bigger)

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