Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New site for Highlands Astro-shack Observatory.

I'll have to admit that I have been severely slacking on updating our observatory web page with new images.  It's just a bit of work when you have to create the images, document all the info on them, resize to a smaller (and faster download speed), then finally upload and rewrite the HTML code on the the correct page the photos will go.
It's to the point now that the web page has such old photos that I'm a little embarrassed to share it.  I have learned a lot in the few clear nights I get around here, and have much better photos to share now.  My hard drive is filling with "to be uploaded to site" photos that it's time for a change.

I'm making a new observatory page on the Zenfolio photo hosting site.  Easy to update, looks nice, and very little work needed to share the photos!

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