Friday, March 26, 2010

Mike Massimino for the next NASA public relations guy.

You gotta like Mike Massimino's videos.  He's a brilliantly smart guy (dummies can't be astronauts) but he has a fun way of showing the inner workings of the manned space program with his sense of humor and "simple" attitude.  He'll wander around with his camera at the different NASA facilities interviewing workers and astronauts asking them funny questions about what they are doing.  He shows the OPF and says "there's a spaceship in there!" like an exited space geek who has seen the shuttle's nest for the first time.  (Ok, I'll admit that I did think that myself, but I was too speechless knowing there was a spaceship in that building to utter much more than a shocked gasp or " box!").
I think if he doesn't get a chance to fly again, NASA should give him the job of mission commentator to replace the women that is always droning along with the bored monotone voice all the time.   NASA has been doing well Twittering, Facebook "friending", and other methods of trying to spark the public's interest in the program.  I think with Mike's comments during missions, NASA could give "Dancing with the Stars" a challenge for high ratings.  (When Buzz get's booed off the show I bet the popularity will drop - at least with the space geek crowd).

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