Friday, March 12, 2010

Twittering photos from space.

Seems that one of the big new fads in internet communications these days is Twitter.  I personally don't have an account, it just gets to the point that when you are on so many forums, pages, twits...etc.  It just takes so much time.  Ok, I'll admit that Facebook has been pretty cool for getting news from a lot of the space stuff that I follow, so it's actually a pretty good source for news and info.  I've got a lot of astronaut "friends" on FB and have even had some exchanges back and forth with Homer Hickam, so that is kind of fun! 
With the International Space Station's new full time internet access, astronauts up there have been using it to send nearly live info and images down to internet users (they don't have fast cable speeds up there, but they are probably doing better than dial-up!).  Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi has been making good use of the new cupola window that was installed on the station last month. He has been taking a lot of great photos through the window.  He then "Twitters" them to Earth for us all to enjoy.   See link below for a page full of his photos and good descriptions below them.

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