Friday, September 17, 2010

First light with new autoguiding camera.

Our lousy "summer", if you can call it that continues with what we have been calling "Septober" with the lack of summer weather - or skies for that matter.
M27 with 7 exposures
I received the new Orion Starshoot autoguiding camera last week, and only had to wait a couple days for some skies that I won't call clear, but hazy with stars visible.  I had to give the camera a try though!
Of course the cloud curse, attacked Windows XP on the observatory computer so it became USB challenged and refused to see the imaging camera.  Some computer shuffling, cussing, and a few hours of work, I got something limped together that is functional, but not pretty.
M33 with 4 exposures
Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the performance of the guider.  I have it on the Orion 80ED and imaging with the 12" Meade with the f/6.3 reducer on it.  I'll have some more work on the error correction, but it's looking much better than the old Meade DSI camera!  The stars aren't perfectly round yet, but much better.
Now I just wait again for the skies to be seen again....

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