Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Publicity for Seattle's Space Shuttle.

I just came across an article and a photo of the Space Needle in support of getting a shuttle here in Seattle next year.   2 more flights of the shuttle are left (maybe 3?) and Discovery is sitting on the pad right now in Florida getting ready for it's final trip.  After that, Discovery will be given to the Smithsonian, and the other 2 shuttles will be up for grabs.  I find out that 21 museums are fighting for a shuttle.  Seattle has a very good chance, since we have the 2nd best flight museum in the country, and a 10,000 foot runway to land the 747 on when NASA delivers our shuttle next year. 
Today the Museum of Flight has raised a flag on the Space Needle to support the Space Shuttle and hopefully encourage NASA picking us as one of the lucky museums.  See link to article.

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